Hunting the Northern Lights in Murmansk: Best Way to Catch Aurora in Russia

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<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">10-days Road Tripping from Moscow: Travel Real Russia</span><br></p>

10-days Road Tripping from Moscow: Travel Real Russia

Price: from $2000 / group
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">5-days Tour to Explore Local Life: Teriberka, Murmansk, Apatity</span><br></p>

5-days Tour to Explore Local Life: Teriberka, Murmansk, Apatity

Price: from $1000 / group
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">3-days Tour: Snomobiles in Apatity and Aurora </span><br></p>

3-days Tour: Snomobiles in Apatity and Aurora

Price: from $600 / group
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">6-hours Tour: Northern Lights for the Evening</span><br></p>

6-hours Tour: Northern Lights for the Evening

Price: from $150 / group

What is the Aurora Borealis?

Northern lights is one of the most amazing natural phenomena. Many years ago, it was a terrifying event for ancient people that could mean everything from making the fortune till the close apocalypse. Today, scientists have learned how to predict it, photographers know how to capture its colors and tones, while travel companies... Travel companies could bring you to the place and provide you with a great experience! (or not)
Aurora borealis can be seen mainly in the vast polar regions like Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia and the Russian Arctic with Siberia. The Murmansk region is slowly becoming Russian a mecca for adventure travelers and beauty lovers. Even 5 years ago, no one could help you with the Northern Lights tour in the region. Now you can go hunting it in a dog sled, on a boat, a cruise liner, a snowmobile, skiing, snowshoeing, well... millions of ways!
In winter, the temperature drops to -35 degrees, read about Russian Winter to be prepared to Ice Kingdom in the middle of nowhere!

TOP 3 Places to catch the Aurora

1. Khibiny mountains

We are in love with the mountains (I'm sure, you are, too!) European part of Russia is mainly flat, so small but picturesque area of Khibiny Mountains is a place of worship for many Russians travelers! Being in the mountains and seeing Aurora... oh, it's like to be much closer to the stars and unite with the Universe from the top of the world!

2. The village of Teriberka, the Barents Sea

Teriberka is an apocalyptic village that is well-known by the Leviathan movie (the long and sad movie about drinking guy with no good characters at all). Being a small fishermen village far from better times, it's incredibly authentic! Abandoned houses, the cemetery of the old ships, severe waters of the North Sea and the ruthless rocks stay in full harmony waiting for the single colorful thing... the Aurora

3. The village of Lovozero, Khibiny

Lovozero is the traditional village near the Khibiny Mountains. It's famous for the open-air museum of Sami culture (whose are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula). The place is great to engage with locals, go dog sledding or snowmobiling as well as enjoy the beauty of "Lovozero tundra", a unique landscape area withing small mountain ranges.

Is it easy to predict the Northern Lights?

The two most important things in predicting Aurora are weather forecast (clouds are not good to see Aurora) as well as a forecast of geomagnetic storms. Now there are many gadget apps where you can watch it. But it does not guarantee that you will see Aurora at all!
To predict the Aurora, we also use open satellite data of the "solar wind" (flow of charged particles) and their behavior on its way to Earth. It helps to understand should you expect the Aurora in the night and how intense it will be.
Weather is of high importance, too. It's not easy to see spectacular dance of the Northern Lights through the clouds (those are quite common in Kola region). Leaving the city could help you as well as could be useless ar all. So we need to watch the cloud coverage and its dynamic within the whole region to find a place with a cloudless sky!

How to make the most of your time in the North?

What to do? Make the Aurora desirable but not a necessary part of your trip! Do not take a short tour... Spend the weak exploring the Russian Arctic and its hidden places. Contact locals to learn about ordinary life in the northernmost city on the planet. Sail the sea, hike mountains, drive snowmobiles, tasty amazing fish in the small local restaurants. Get an amazing experience that doesn't depend on the weather!
Soviet 4x4 van

Who is making all our expeditions?

Hello! My name is Tony Terentev. With my wife Ira, we are the owners of the «Travel Real Russia» company.

Actually, I am a licensed physician and doctor with 6-years of experience. One day I decided to change my way of life and start doing what I really want to do, so now I'm here planning my new journey with one of you! :)

I really like people and natural conversations about life, not only in Russia. Besides this, I have a huge experience in traveling to remote places as Arctic, deep caves and Siberian peatlands. I have a Soviet military van that was made for such places. So if you want some kind of expedition or an unusual tailor-made trip... I would probably be your guide!

Watch YouTube video to feel the vibes :)


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