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Russian winter is a difficult time for driving! There's often snow and ice on the roads. It usually covers a VERY bumpy road. So you have the whole package of problems! What can be better for a tired driver making its path somewhere between nowhere and nowhere at night?

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UAZ 452: The Oldest Cars Still In Production!

The story of UAZ-452 «Loaf of Bread» started after WWII, when the Soviet government had led to the belief, that army needed not only good morale but also a good supply. And they are strangely depends on each other… After all, soldiers wanted to eat, to have warm clothes, equipment, and even some medicine. Soldiers even preferred to be evacuated from the battlefield and so on. Strange thoughts for communists, but still…

Nice Russian roads usually are over before they begin, so a need in a good transport minibus with four-wheel drive became obvious. As a result, Ulyanovsk Car Factory or just UAZ received a special task to design such vehicle.

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Here is my travel van... and I've gotta ask you one question. How old is it?

15 years? 30 years? No, just 7 years... and now you can buy new one and it will look the same way.Strange, yeah?

This van is Russian UAZ-452 (or 2206 or millions of other names), built in 2010. Initially, this vehicle was designed in 1950s as a support vehicle for military forces. Now it‘s still being produced, just as it was sixty years ago… And, surprisingly, it looks almost like it did in 1965!

The UAZ-452 also looks very similar to a VW transporter, but there is also huge difference: VW was designed in Germany, the country of perfect and numerous paved highways. Our «CrazyBu» van was designed to survive in Russian countryside. It is a Land Cruiser 40 at the back of its mind – sturdy axles, a heavy frame, stout under drive and robustness in every way. Do you really need to build highways if you produce such vans?

Combined with four-wheel drive, it was born to endure any off-road condition! Nine men can be comfortably seated inside this van – and nine men can push it out of any mire! Unfortunately, the design engineer considerably upgraded the engine: now it cannot use any liquid as a fuel except Au-92 :)

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