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Help on the road

Check our "Help on the road" video

Russian winter is a difficult time for driving! There's often snow and ice on the roads. It usually covers a VERY bumpy road. So you have the whole package of problems! What can be better for a tired driver making its path somewhere between nowhere and nowhere at night?

We are quite fortunate or may be just very careful. Only once or twice our car hardly skidded, so we have several scratches from snowbanks on its body. Usually we just stumbled on other cars staying in the curb in, kmmm... in various positions.

This video was shot in the federal road just several hundred kilometers from Moscow... When we found them, the driver and two road policemen just tried to dig the car out from the snow. They even didn't ask passing trucks for help! When we offered the assistance, they looked at us with hesitation but blocked the road. After several minutes, our ven easily pulled the car from the curb and we went on!

Photo by A. Ermachkob or A. Tulupov