Trave Real Russia Blog: Stories and Tips


Stories from Our Tours:

Journey to Staritsa <br>
Journey to Staritsa
Our favorite place in the Russian countryside just 200 km from Moscow
Traditional Village <br>
Traditional Village
We travelled 200 km from Moscow to see how people still live in Rural Russia.
Adventure Tour<br>
Adventure Tour
Off-roading and Caving... how we survived!
Pereslavl Zalessky <br>
Pereslavl Zalessky
Our Journey to one of the best Golden Ring cities

Travel Guides:

Russia on Rails!<br>
Russia on Rails!
Funny and honest travel guide to the Russian Railway system...
Unusual Things to Do in Moscow<br>
Unusual Things to Do in Moscow
Find a Top 10 of very strange places to visit!
Suzdal Travel Guide<br>
Suzdal Travel Guide
Great place for backpackers to visit!

Stories from Our Expeditions:

Rybachy Peninsula <br>
Rybachy Peninsula
FInd a true story of Russian Arctic... severe and memorable. Our adventure to the far north.
Road Tripping to the Winter<br>
Road Tripping to the Winter
Some thoughts about future tour to Vorkuta
Chukhloma Festival<br>
Chukhloma Festival
Or how to find totally abandoned and merely live area just 500 km from Moscow.
Videos from the Real Russia<br>
Videos from the Real Russia
Do you want to see the real Russia in motion?

UAZ Stories

UAZ 452 Love Story<br>
UAZ 452 Love Story
Funny story of UAZ origin. Past and Future of Soviet vehicle!
UAZ Interior <br>
UAZ Interior
How UAZ vans look inside? You will be quite surprised!
Grass Burning in Russia<br>
Grass Burning in Russia
Every spring Russians burn the grass on many fields... why they do that?