Customized Guided Tour: From Moscow to the Real Russia with a Private Guide

Private Tours, Tailored to You


Because one size doesn't fit all

You have never experienced Russia like this


Because one size doesn't fit all

Private Tours, Tailored to You


Because one size doesn't fit all

Tailor Made Private Guided Tours


Because one size doesn't fit all

Private Tours, Tailored to You


Because one size doesn't fit all


Meet your guide

Hello! My name is Tony Terentev, I'm the owner of the «Travel Real Russia» company.

Actually,  I am a licensed physician and doctor with 6 years’ of medical experience.  Nevertheless, one day I decided to change my way of life and start doing what I really want to do – travelling and meeting new people. I love to hear people's stories and learn how this world works. I love discussing some interesting topics as well. Polytics, religion, stereotypes... why not? I'm trying hard to be open-minded and I love good sense of humor. It really makes this world a better place, doesn't it?

I  know a lot about bustling Moscow, its secret places and their stories.  Even more I know about Russian countryside, where epochal monuments  neighbor with abandoned churches and desolated villages showing you  severe traces of 20th century.

Do  you want to explore one of the most complex, confounding and  contradictory countries?  You came to the right place. Make the most of  your Russian holidays and... Travel the real Russia!


Why me?

••• I  have 11-years experience of traveling in remote places of Russia. I've been to Caucasus Caves, Siberian wetlands, the deepest countryside, Arctic and so on.

••• I started traveling as a business just several years ago. I have not get tired of it :)

••• I have the amazing Soviet van that lookes like it is still 1965. It's perfect for Russian "Roads"...

••• I know a lot about history, politics as well as some modern memes and interesting facts.


Guests love our private tours!

We spent six nights on a meandering road trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, experiencing not just the magnificent tourist sites, but also the small villages, back roads and real people. Tony worked with us long-distance to develop a custom itinerary, threw in a guided morning walk in Moscow and was invaluable in helping with various other travel arrangements. I'd recommend spending some time viewing the Travel Real Russia website and exploring possibilities.Tony is good company, young, energetic and knowledgeable. Also honest. And funny. And his English is excellent, though he insists on pronouncing "Ruble" as "rubble."Best compliment: We felt like we were visitors, not tourists.
I visited Russia during the World Cup. I have been always fascinated by Russia When I travel, I never enter museums. Personally, I try to do that with real locals. Tony went to ensure that they were fully prepared to visit Russia. His contacts even helped handle the registration of my visa, which is a foreigner in the Russian Federation. Tony's Off-roading experience, coupled with caving, it was the most fun. From getting stuck both above and around the woods - we couldn’t have a better time. It may be dangerous, it is not at all. It is beyond safe, but it is highly rewarding as far as adrenaline goes. I’m also proud to be in touch with, and I recommend that you do the same! I am currently planning another crazy adventure with him; and I recommend that you do the same!

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