Hire a Private Assistant in Russia

Hi, backpackers and other travelers! Russia is very freindly but sometimes not easy for traveling. Most of you are not in good relationships with Cyrillic letters and most of Russians are not in good relationships with English. That's why you may have a lot of confusing situations in cafes, hostels, taxi, etc. Sometimes you just don't know what to do and where to find help. But...

Good news, everyone!

Recently we launched Helpline Service to make your trip more safe and comfortable. In majority of cases it includes chatting via messengers (WhatsApp and Telegram). But surely, you can just call us in the most challenging situations.

What is the price?

1) FREE service

OK, almost free. We will HIGHLY appreciate if you will share information about us in your blog / social networks / other resources. Not so expensive, isn't it?.. However, we will answer your questions only if we have time for it. Sure, if you have real problems, you can CALL us any time!

2) 5 USD / day

This price allows you to contact us any time. You will have your own operator ready to answer you just at the moment.


<span style="font-weight: normal;">ANTONY</span>
+7 926 361 49 81
+7 915 256 09 81

Available at WhatsApp and Telegram

Your own trip advisor

If you want to plan your trip perfectly, you also need a lot of local information about best hostels, sightseens, public transportation and so on. Surely, you can find everything in Internet! For example, Lonely Planet is nice source of information, but you need to spend a lot of time there until you'll learn everything you need. Which way is better? To ask us, of course:

  • best hotels and hostels
  • best cheap cafes
  • best sightseens, especially off the beaten tracks
  • Golden Ring towns and transportation
  • communication problems
  • mobile and wi-fi network cover
  • wilderness and how to get there (or from there...)


The service will be FREE if you book any tour or just share information about us in social networks. To get our answers to your questions during several days you need to: 1) book tour / give a link to the repost, 2) email us with a list of your questions