Moscow Off the Beaten Path: Explore the Local Life

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The description should be short but informative 

The description should be short but informative 

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The description should be short but informative 

With Moscow's long and exciting history, it's no surprise that there are a lot of amazing landmarks in the city center. However, only few tourists know how Moscow looks through the local eyes. Do you want to be among them?

- the last wooden village of Moscow
- industrial zones and nearby creaky dormitories
- modern construction in the backyard of the «old Moscow»
- typical five-block houses with dormitory rooms
- the local food and flea markets
- Moscow circle railroad
- the ugly Soviet drinking place


What is the Rusty Belt of Moscow

During the tour, we will escape the bustling center of Moscow to explore the ordinary life of people in the «rusty belt of Moscow». I will show you many pieces of the local life that will give you the complete picture of the Real Moscow at the end of the tour.
We will visit areas that are perfect to represent how Russian epochs have followed one another. Many years ago, the place was a far suburb of Moscow full of wooden houses. Then industrial revolution came to change cozy houses into the factories. USSR worsen the situation, turning whole area into the industrial zones of heavy machinery. Many years after, sleeping districts grew there to give a place to a new generation of Soviet people. Then Moscow became so huge, that such a godforsaken area suddenly turned into the very valuable land with a modern apartment complexes raising here and there out of nothing.
During the tour, you will experience the Real Moscow where old merchant mansions neighbors with Soviet five-block communal houses in the backyard of modern «anthills» of apartment complexes.
We will easily walk from one site to another while experiencing the city and discussing the most interesting topics of Russian mentality and the ordinary life, politics, the history and its influence on the modern country…
Do not miss an opportunity to see the Old Moscow before it is replaced by the new one!
Moscow Local Life tour

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Tour Itinerary

Since Moscow is the hometown of almost 20 millions of people spending their everyday life out of the city center, we will follow their paths to see some authentic non-touristy sites.
First, I will pick you up from the hotel to visit the last village of Moscow. We will wander along wooden houses, the last heritage of remote times. Then we will visit the industrial area to see the everyday life of their workers. We will also have a look on the modern construction in the backyard of the Moscow Skyline.
After, we will visit the Round House, a «masterpieces» of Soviet architecture neighboring the typical five-block houses. We will wander along the sleeping district to discuss the Soviet engineers and their creativity.
Then we will go to the local market to grab some food. Only 30 years ago, such markets were central places to buy products. Then we will take the train of the Moscow Circle Railroad to gaze at the «Moscow rusty belt» from the comfortable train. We will stop at the Izmaylovo market, famous flea market in Moscow and a good place to buy souvenirs and some old staff.
Finally, we will spend 5-10 min in soviet drinking place. It is not tourist, but real ugly place with vodka for 30 rub/50 ml. Pure face of 1980-s in USSR...
the Rusty Belt of Moscow

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