Russia Tour Package for Americans: Trip to Russia from USA


Why Americans rarely travel to Russia?

Relationships between Russia and the USA were always taught... Governments of both countries set up people against each other. While many Russians think that the USA is the reason for their economic problems, Americans used to perceive Russia as the main threat.
Traveling Russia is still considered as crazy: the crime rate, bears on the street, scary communists... you have something to think about! But then we meet American travelers in Russia and they talk how wrong were their expectations! Moscow is a typical European city with clean streets, amazing architecture and friendly people, many of them speak English!
Fortunately, now more and more American travelers go to Russia and come back with brilliant memories. You may be among them soon :)
This page was made for tourists from the USA. We hope that our tour package will be a starting point for planning your trip to Russia. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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Draft Itinerary for 10-Days Tour:

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the real Russia

Draft Itinerary for 10-Days Tour:

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the real Russia

Draft Itinerary for 10-Days Tour:

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the real Russia

Draft Itinerary for 10-Days Tour:

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the real Russia

Draft Itinerary for 10-Days Tour:

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the real Russia


0 Day in Moscow: Arrival

Welcome to Russia!
You will be picked up at the airport by a personal driver in a minivan. He will help you with luggage and leave you at the reception of your hotel.
If you arrive in the morning, we may plan the first short tour in the evening with walking in the night Moscow.

2nd Day in Moscow: Must-See Walking Tour

This day you will visit the most popular attractions in Moscow. What's even more important, the guide will make an introduction on how people live here, what is their mentality and why it is like that. Russia is not easy to understand, however, we will do our best to explain to you its main features the day.
The guide will pick you up at the hotel and accompany to the very heart of Moscow. You will stroll in Aleksandrovsky garden and then walk in the Red Square to learn the stories of Lenin Mausoleum, GUM, State Historical Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral and so on. You will see the changing of the guards near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and finally go inside the Kremlin Walls.
The Kremlin is the most known symbol of Russia... The President of Russia still works inside the Kremlin walls. We will visit Uspensky Sobor, enjoy exhibits of the Diamond Fond and walk in the Armory chamber. You will hear stories about the political and economic of Russia and how it was changing through centuries.
In the evening, the guide will help you to choose a good restaurant for dinner. If you need it, he will also help with planning your evening activities.

3 Day in Moscow: City Driving Tour around the Moscow Center

This day you will visit less popular sightseeing in Moscow that will give you a deeper insight into the local life in Russia.
The guide will pick you up from the hotel in the morning. You will drive the comfortable minivan around the Moscow center to see its main attractions from different viewpoints. After, you visit several interesting skyscrapers of Stalin's epoch. You will have a walk near the Moscow University, one of the most beautiful skyscrapers of Moscow with the amazing panoramic view from Vorobiyovy Hills.
Then you will drive to Poklonnaya Gora to walk in the famous memorial of the Second World War. You will walk in Victory Park to see some historical tanks and airplanes of those times as well as WWII monuments. Then we will drive to see Moscow Skyline, several modern skyscrapers that work as a business center.
At about 6 p.m. we will take a river cruise to see Moscow from the river and avoid some traffic jams. In the evening, the guide will show you an amazing authentic "Cheburechnaya" bar that looks like it is still 1988... You will learn how to drink vodka for 50 cents! Amazing place to start the real pub crawl.

4 Day, Moscow: Local Market and Shopping

In the morning, we will drive to the Danilovsky market, it’s a local good-looking market with amazing food. Only 30 years ago, such markets were central places to buy products during the Soviet era. Today, you will see the normal Moscow market with a lot of tasty food and learn how people buy it and what do they usually eat.
Then we will take the train of the Moscow Circle Railroad to gaze at the «Moscow rusty belt» from the comfortable train. We will stop at the Izmaylovo market, the famous flea market in Moscow and a good place to buy souvenirs and some old staff. After the market, we will ride to one of our famous central malls where you can go shopping with or without a guide.
Dog sledding at the Husky Shelter

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5 Day, the Golden Ring: Road tripping to Suzdal

There is a great difference between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all other Russia. It is not easy to understand life here in Moscow when you are stuck in the traffic jam on your way to the Kremlin with a coffee in your hand! Visiting Russian provinces is a great opportunity to explore the real Russia and to see the common life of its ordinary people. 
Early morning, I will pick you up at the hostel and go to Vladimir city. On our way there, we will drive small roads with not touristic towns and villages. We will have a break in Yuryev-Polsky, one of the oldest Golden Ring towns.
We will reach Vladimir afternoon. Vladimir the Great is a midsized city located 200 km to the east of Moscow. It is famous worldwide because of its great history and picturesque architecture with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the 12th century. We will visit its major attractions including The Golden Gates, the magnificent five-domed Assumption Cathedral and the warrior-like Cathedral of Saint Demetrius. 
After we will drive to Church on the Nerl River to have a 1.5 km walk among the green meadows. The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl River is a popular tourist attraction. It’s a must-see place near Vladimir. It’s one of the most beautiful churches in Russia. True inspiration!
In the evening we will drive to Suzdal to stop there for 2 nights.
Activity Options:
· Visiting Husky Nursery
· Private historical museum with Banya (Link, see “Interactive private museum”)

6 Day, the Golden Ring of Russia: Vladimir and Suzdal Tour

Suzdal is a religious center of previous eras with almost forty churches for four hundred families now! Suzdal is a very beautiful small town to walk in. The place remains largely the same as ages ago – it’s cute wooden cottages mingling with golden cupolas that reflect in the river Kamenka, which meanders sleepily through gentle hills and snowy meadows... Although having just under ten thousand residents, Suzdal still retains a rural look with streams and meadows everywhere.
We will visit the Suzdal Kremlin to enjoy the panoramic views of the city and its architectural wonders. Then we will wander around traditional wooden houses of the Museum of wooden architecture.

7 Day: Moving to Saint Petersburg

In the morning, the driver in a private van will pick you up from the hotel and help you to get to train to St. Petersburg. The journey will take you about 5 hours from your hotel.
Welcome to the second capital of Russia!
In St. Petersburg, you will be met by another driver with a private van who will drop you off in the new hotel and help with luggage.

8 Day in Saint Petersburg: Highlights of the City

We will have a guided tour of the heart of the city. We will take in the views of Nevsky Prospect, fascinating bridges, embankments and all downtown of St Petersburg. We will enjoy the scenic views from embankments and capture the dramatic panorama from the observation deck of St Isaac’s Cathedral.

During the trip, the guide will tell you about the intriguing, controversial and rich history of the city and popular attractions. You will get insider tips and an insight into a local Petersburg life in urban parks and off the beaten path areas. 

In the evening, we will take a canal cruise to look at the city as it was supposed to do. Then we will be walking in the city until midnight. As an option, I recommend visiting the famous St. Petersburg ballet.

At the end of the day, we will see a garden, 2 parks, 3 legendary cathedrals, 4 embankments and a dozen other local gems of St Petersburg.


9 Day in Saint Petersburg: Peterhof

In the morning, we will drive to Peterhof, which is often called the ‘Russian Versailles.’ It is St Petersburg’s most prominent Imperial estate with the world’s largest system of fountains.

You will admire the spectacular Grand Cascade fountains and take as many pictures as you want, no rush. You may even have some summer fun with the Umbrella Fountain and get totally soaked!

We will also visit the Grand Palace, Monplaisir, Peterhof’s Ermitage, Marly Palace, Cottage Palace and more. The guide will tell you fun facts and fascinating stories about the royal family and the Official Imperial Residence.

Then we will go to Pushkin city for a guided tour of Catherine Palace with the Amber Room. In the night, we will have a boat excursion to see the bridge opening (1:15 – 2:45).


10 Day in Saint Petersburg: Hermitage

This day we will continue our walk in the St. Petersburg center visiting Hermitage Museum… a Russian Louvre! 2-hours walking among the royal palaces with stunning interior and rich exposition will give us the vibes of Imperial Russia and its power.

After the excursion, we will have a boat tour along numerous small channels of the city to observe its outstanding architecture as it was planned – from the water.

In the evening, the guide will help you to get back to Moscow and be ready to your flight. The schedule depends on your departure time.

You contact us at least one month before the trip
Tony contacts you back to discuss which tour option is preferable for you
Together we make the final plan, then help you with visa and other issues
During the trip, we slightly change the plan to match it with the wearther and so on

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