Guided Tour to Solovki and Rybachiy from Moscow: Explore Russian Arctic

Guided Tour to Russian Arctic

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1 day: Moscow. "CrazyBu" van with all luggage starts its trip to arctic which will take two days. Participants have two options: i) spend first two days in Moscow, then have a flight to Murmansk; ii) 2-days road tripping through central Russia to Murmansk
2 day: i) Moscow; ii) road tripping
3 day: 100-km road from Murmansk to Rybachy. On our way we will visit WWII memorials and several waterfalls on the river Titovka
4-10 days: Rybachy peninsula, a lot of offroading, camping, fishing and hikking. We will see numerous waterfall, cross a lot of rivers, enjoy open spaces of arctic tundra, observe ancient post-glacier cliffs and look out for whales in the Arctic ocean! We will also visit the northernmost cape of European Russia and wandering around abandonded military bases and settlements.
11 day: We will drive "the old German road" buit at WWII times and admire at the unspoiled nature of the passage between the peninsula and the mainland.
12 day: We will visit The Kola Superdeep Borehole, the deepest artificial point on Earth, which was closed down in 2006 because of a lack of funding and now abandoned.
13 day: The road to Murmansk, relaxing and bathing in hotel.
14-15 days: The road to Moscow by car or by plane (see day 1)

What is the price?

Only 1200 USD / pax for two weeks with food, "CrazyBu" van, camping equipment and the guide. Not included: visa, tickets to Moscow, tickets to Murmansk (if you choose a flight), meals in cafe. Contact us to get there next summer! You need at least 60 days to get permission.