Arctic expeditions: Adventure tours in Russia

Some photos are by: A. Tulupov and A. Ermachkov

Expeditions above the Artcic circle became more and more popular with time. But what is the purposes of the people? Who knows! Someone finds a place for inspiration, someones goes there to explore tundra wildernesses, someone travels into the wild to test himself under the harsh conditions, someone wants to observe unspoiled nature and arctic wildlife to fight against the human impact. The only thing that you will certainly get is unforgettable experience and memories obtained in the planet's most inspiring place.

Arctic always attracted different people, explorers and adventurers... A lot of them gave their lives traveling to the north pole by boundless open spaces of Arctic. You probably read a lot about it - children still get inspiration from Jack London's stories and novels. Fortunately, it's much easier to travel Arctic now; however, it remains a real adventure. Russia has the largest areas of arctic tundra. Pemafrost still covers more than 60% of the Russian territory! The most easily accessed part of Russian arctic lies only 2000 km from the Moscow by car which gives you a good opportunity to cross arctic circle and visit tundra wilderness without traveling far north to Siberia (which is rarely possible).

Expeditions are what we really like. They are extremely difficult to organize but they bring you an unforgettable experience. Just imagine - three weeks in the northern part of Russia driving military UAZ van, living in tents, observing arctic nature and traces of WWII heavy fightings, passing military polygon just before target practice and finally running into fishing boat which was recently washed up on the shore. This is a short description of Rybachy Peninsula summer expedition 2017...   


What do you need to join us?

  1. You should be real adventurer, it's NOT all-inclusive package, it's the expedition!
  2. You should to be ready to NOT so good living conditions   -  it can be raining, we can visit dirty and scary caves or fight of the mosquitoes.
  3. You should be optimistic, it's better for team spirit and your final impressions

Four reasons to join us

  1. We have cheapest prices for arctic adventure tours
  2. We have huge experience in traveling remote parts of Russia
  3. We understand European mentality really well :)
  4. We will drive authentic UAZ-452 military track

1. Teriberka tour (NEW!)

This March (2019) we will make our way to Teriberka, one of the most popular location in Russia for foreigners. Teriberka is a small town in the bank of the Barents coast, Kola peninsula.
Whe people come here? To see the Russian North! Polar nights and days, Aurora Boreals, cold Norther Ocean and severe climate... We will drive our UAZ van to have fun of winter off-roading in that region. And to have some chances in case of hard snow falls! A real adventure.
So what do we have for you? A confirmed dates for Murmansk - Moscow tour from 15 to 25 March. We can take up to 2 people. Besides this, we have a road tripping from Moscow to Murmansk from 5 till 14 March (dates are fluent).
Duration: 7-11 days
Price: from 700 USD / pax
Available seats: YES, few of them
Email us, if you want to join the crew :) It's still possible!

2. Arctic adventure tour

Next March (2020) we will make our way to Vorkuta, the fourth largest city of the Arctic region and the easternmost town in Europe. We don't want to set any big goal, we want to be road tripping, actually off-road tripping in the middle of nowhere. We want to have challenges, to see pristine nature of Russian arctic, to feel a life of local people, to hunt for nothern lights and, what's more, to enjoy the company of travelmates.Two fully equiped 4x4 jeeps will be our best friends.
Arctic safari starts in March 2020. This is the best time for road tripping because of long days, good weather and stable state of winter roads. We will start from Moscow, then visit several Golden Ring towns and arrive to the begining of nowhere till the 3rd day. Next days we will fight our way to Vorkuta by winter roads and then to the Arctic ocean and Ural mountains. If all goes well, we will see the life of typical Arctic town, visit GULAG memorable sites, gather around abandoned settlements, traveling to reindeer breeder aborigenious origin and maybe do some trekking to Ural mountains. Finally, we will slowly drive back to Moscow visiting other places depending on the weather and our wishes.
Duration: 14 days
Price: from 1200 USD / pax for all-inclusive tour
Available seats: YES
Vorkuta Photos are by Ermachkov and Elikov

3. Ice caves of Arctic Russia

This March we will go to the Pinega nature reserve to see its unique ice caves and unspoiled nature. This place is off the beaten tracks even for Russians. It is located about 1500 km from Moscow to the north, only 200 km from the Arctic ocean. There are more than 500 caves, ravines of up to 5 kilometres long, and karst lakes here! In winter, all cavern walls are covered by amazing ice crystalls and stalactites. You can spend hours just admiring them... Perfect places for all kind of ecotourism.
Duration: 14 days
Price: from 550 USD / pax for all-inclusive tour
Available seats: YES

4. Tundra wilderness tour

The tour will take a place at the Rybachy Peninsula during the summer of 2019. Only several years ago this place became popular among Russian; however, rare foreigners have been there.The Rybachy Peninsula is the northernmost part of continental European Russia and tourists describe it as the edge of the world. The peninsula is in fact nearly completely surrounded by Arctic ocean. During the World War II for three years it was an arena of a positional war between Germans and Soviets. There are a lot of memorials on the peninsula as well as untouched WWII artefacts which can be easily found among countless hills. Now, most of military bases are non-operational, but the territory is still closed to foreigners.
The border zone is the reason why foreigners need to get permission which takes about two months!
Duration: 14 days
Price: from 1200 USD / pax for all-inclusive tour
Available seats: YES