Hello, my dear friends, it is Tony speaking! Or better say writing. A lot and a lot have changed in my life during the past months and years. Here is some news: My lovely wife, me, and our kids have moved to Canada this February. It was 22/02/2022 when the border officer stamped our passports and said: Welcome to Canada. To be honest, we planned to keep travelrealrussia running remotely, I had an agreement with my colleagues and friends, that was a great plan. Unfortunatley, there are black swans in this world, and one of them changed the rules of the game in one day. This website will not be closed, I will keep it as a memory about great time, or probably you will even book a tour here once. Who knows. Right now we are going to start a tour company in Calgary. Same people, same idea, new place. Our lovely UAZ will join us in the future, according to the local rules it should be 15 years old at least, our is 12 y.o. now. We sold our VW Multivan and will find a replacement, I am already learning about american cars and how to deal with them. Some people here never change the oil in the engine, probably it's a local tradition, or I don't know something... Anyway, let's speak about our new home. Calgary does not have a long history, but it has beautiful mountains, cold winter, prices, and other interesting places to see. Millions of people come to see the beauty of the local nature and spend a weekend in the Rockies. Plus, there are a lot of small places in Alberta, where live beautiful and interesting people, who live in their Ranchoes and keep spirit of the West, their grandfathers came here and create their own unique world. I plan to do my tours with the same idea as in Moscow. Small groups, flexible schedule, personal touch, and amazing service of course. It's a bit tricky to start your own business in a new country, a lot of questions about papers and rules. Right now I have a proper driver's license, we are building the website, and I am in a conversation with an insurance company. We named our company We did very basic market research, more than 7 million people visit Calgary every year, which means that the tourist market is so huge, that almost any product can find its customer. If you want to learn more about Russia and Russian culture - I am still working as a tour guide and will be happy to tell you everything I know. I could not show you Moscow or Suzdal, but I can answer your questions and tell you some cool stories. If you plan to visit Russia anyway - contact me, I will answer the questions, and help you with the plan for the trip. I have my friends, who are great guides and who a still in Russia. And of course, if you plan to go to Calgary and are looking for a guide or driver - don't hesitate, I am here, waiting for you.